Various Experiences Remodelled As Entertaining Anecdotes Or Jokes


…the embarrassment I always felt with people I didn’t know, the thought that I was boring and of no interest and that actually they didn’t want to be here, was completely absent. There was something about him I trusted. What I discussed with Geir that evening I couldn’t have discussed with anyone else I had met in Bergen, not even Yngve. You carried your inner thoughts and passions within you, and perhaps shared with a partner — what did I know about such matters — at any rate it wasn’t something you brought up one night you were on the town, it would have killed everything, caused others to shy away. Because it was all about having a good time, laughing, telling stories or arguing till the sparks flew, but about matters that were outside your inner life, about what was between people, about what they shared. Bands, films, books, other students, lectures, girls, various experiences remodelled as entertaining anecdotes or jokes.
There was nothing of that this evening.

–Karl Ove Knausgaard, from My Struggle: Book Five (Some Rain Must Fall) p. 268


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