A Spinster Wish


The far-off security of a boyfriend was almost better than having him nearby. I busied myself furnishing my little room, set up a bank account so I could write checks to my landlord and the utility companies, and started to pay off my student loans. Most extraordinary was waking alone, into my own thoughts. I’d plump the pillows and stretch my legs until my body spanned the entire mattress, and I’d lie suspended in that gauzy dreamscape between sleep and real life for as long as it lasted. Once the spell broke, I’d get up and dress and follow the day wherever it went… This is when reference to a mysterious “spinster wish” first appears in my journals — shorthand for the extravagant pleasures of simply being by myself.

November 12, 1995: A long, perfect spinster wish of a Sunday, read all day, took two naps.

— Kate Bolick, Spinster: Making a Life of One’s Own (pp 32-33)

One thought on “A Spinster Wish

  1. Spinster wishes can come true! Being free of husband and children also allows me to get away with things that most responsible adults cannot – like not having much food in my refrigerator! As I point out in my book Spinsterlicious (eleanorewells.com) it might sound to some like prolonged adolescence, but I say it keeps me young.

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