Beneath The Surface


And although I, like her, always tried to see beneath the surface, on the basis of a fundamental yet unstated tenet that what lay beneath was the truth or the reality, and, like her, always sought meaning, even if it were only to be found in an acknowledgment of meaninglessness, it was actually on the glittering and alluring surface that I wanted to live, and the chalice of meaninglessness I wanted to drain — in short I was attracted by all the town’s discos and nightspots…How could I explain that to Hilde?

I couldn’t, and didn’t. Instead I opened a new subdivision in my life. ‘Booze and hopes of fornication’ it was called, and it was right next to ‘insight and sincerity’, separated only by a minor garden-fence-like change of personality.

— Karl Ove Knausgaard, Dancing in the Dark (My Struggle, Book 4), p. 23


Real Words


I do not like emoticons at all. Emoticons are combinations of punctuation marks people frequently use when they don’t really know how to express themselves with real words.

— Andrew Smith, 100 Sideways Miles (p. 25)