You’re Lucky To Live Sad Moments

Louis C.K.: The thing is you need build an ability to just be yourself and not be doing something, that’s what the phones are taking away. Is the ability to just sit there like this. That’s being a person, right? You have to check. You know, underneath everything in your life there’s that thing, that empty — forever empty.

The knowledge that it’s all for nothing and you’re alone. You know, it’s down there. Sometimes when things clear away, you’re in your car and you go, oh, no, here it comes that I’m alone. Like it starts to visit on you, just this sadness. Life is tremendously sad just by being in it. And so you’re driving and then you go, oh, that’s why we text and drive. I look around pretty much 100% of people driving are texting.

So anyway, I started to get that sad feeling. I was reaching for the phone. You know what, don’t. Just be sad. Just let the sadness stand in the way of it. And let it hit you like a truck.

You’re lucky to live sad moments. And then I had happy feelings because when you let yourself feel sad your body has like anti-bodies. You have happiness rushing in to meet the sadness. I was grateful to feel sad and then I met it with true profound happiness. It was such a trip, you know? The thing is because we don’t want that first bit of sad, we push it away with like a little phone. And you get a little kind of — You never feel completely sad or completely happy. You just feel kind of satisfied with your product. And then you die.

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