You’ve Felt It Your Whole Life

The true significance of any of our lives is something that’s very, very close.  It’s in each breath you take.  It’s the manifestation of that stillness within you.  It’s the unborn birthing itself, moment to moment. There’s no “how to”, and  there’s no such thing as what it should look like.  I can’t teach anybody how to do it.  I can only tell you that it’s possible.  You can feel it.  You’ve felt it your whole life.  You’ve always known there’s something inside of you that’s sought to be born, fresh and real.  You know there’s something inside you, far beyond your imagination, that’s been trying to break out and be.  Everyone feels this inside.  But to allow life to express itself in that way, with that much abandon, requires a true surrender into the unknown.  We must let go of even the great realizations or awakenings we have.  Even the greatest wisdom that comes to you, the greatest “Ah-hah” was meant for that moment and that moment only.

— Adyashanti, Falling Into Grace (p. 199)


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