Training In The Art Of Peace

When we are training in the art of peace, we are not given any promises that, because of our noble intentions, everything will be ok. In fact, there are no promises of fruition at all. Instead, we are encouraged to simply look deeply at joy and sorrow, at laughing and crying, at hoping and fearing, at all that lives and dies. We learn that what truly heals is gratitude and tenderness

– Pema Chödrön, When Things Fall Apart (p. 100)


One thought on “Training In The Art Of Peace

  1. 2300 years ago, the King of the pre-China state of Qin decided to end war and found an empire of China. He asked his advisors how all that could be done without conflict. In answer, they gave him the Ping-fa, incorrectly known today as The Art of War. The correct translation is The Art of Peace. Ping-fa contains a detailed methodology for managing organizations (even countries) and relations between organizations. We need to put this methodology to work. Again.

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