The Wildness Of The Invisible World Is Nameless

The wildness of the invisible world is nameless.  It has no name.  A first step towards reawakening respect for your inner life may be to become aware of the private collage of dead names you have for your inner life.  Often, the experiences of wilderness can return us to the nameless wildness within.  Sometime, go away to a wild place on your own.  Leave your name and the grid of intentions and projects and images which mark you out as citizen Z.  Leave it all, and let yourself just slip back into the rhythms of your intimate wildness.  You will be surprised at the lost terrains, wells, and mountains that you will rediscover, territories which have been buried under well-meant but dead names.  To go beyond confinement is to rediscover yourself.

– John O’Donohue, Eternal Echoes (p. 127)


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