So I Wonder


“Even modern replacements for priests, rabbis, and Zen masters – the positive psychologists – have something to say on this point. That new breed of shrinks has discovered that happy people spend a lot of time being grateful for what they have and savouring their experience. They don’t rush through ‘now’ to get to later. They don’t make taking care of themselves or taking care of their families something they have to get over with so they can get to the good stuff.

So while I’m humping my three heavy black bags down the hallway to the building’s trash bins, while I’m getting all the undone chores out of the way, what I can’t help thinking is that all this wasting somehow contradicts the very possibility of savouring my short life. Is it not implicit in wasting for the sake of convenience that what I’m doing right now, in this moment, has no value – that the life that produces such waste is itself being wasted?

So I wonder. Just a thought. But if I treated the resources that pass through my hands as though they were precious, might I also begin to feel that this very life – the one right under my feet right now and right this very moment – might be precious too?”

— Colin Beavan, No Impact Man, p.47


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