Take This Waltz


Geraldine: You think everything can be worked out if you just make the right move? That must be thrilling… Life has a gap in it. It just does. You don’t go crazy trying to fill it like some lunatic.

–from Take this Waltz, written by Sarah Polley — Trailer here.

I think it’s really interesting the way we negotiate being with another human being for a certain period of time, how we deal with or don’t deal with their flaws. Also this general feeling we have of there being some kind of emptiness or lack in our lives, and how much we look to romantic relationships or blame our lack of romantic relationships on that feeling. I wanted to make a film about that gap in life, and what you do to fill it.I’ve definitely seen a lot of people trading in one situation for another, whether it’s a job, or a relationship, or where they live, in the hopes that that was going to resolve some kind of basic existential melancholy. Over time, it almost never works. We live in this really aspirational culture where we think the right move will resolve something really big and deep that we’re destined to live with forever.
–Sarah Polley, rest of the interview here.

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