Safety Not Guaranteed


Kenneth: To go it alone or to go with a partner? When you choose a partner, you have to have compromises and sacrifices, but it’s a price you pay. Do I want to follow my every whim and desire as I make my way through time and space? Absolutely. But at the end of the day, do I need someone when I’m doubting myself and I’m insecure and MY heart fails me? Do I need someone, who when the heat gets hot, has my back?
Darius: Sooo… Do you?
Kenneth: I do.

–from Safety Not Guaranteed, written by Derek Connolly

One thought on “Safety Not Guaranteed

  1. One of my favorite films from 2012, Safety Not Guaranteed is part comedy, part drama, part thriller with some sci-fi themes. The plot of the movie revolves around an ad where the author is looking for someone to travel back in time with him. This sparks the attention of a reporter played by Jake Johnson as he tries to write a story on the man who thinks he can travel in time. Aubrey Plaza helps get the story by pretending to be interested in the ad, without telling the man behind the ad payed by Mark Duplass that she is a reporter. You can’t help but root for Duplass and hope that he really can travel back in time.

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